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Automation / HMI

Automation uses control systems (e.g., computers, robots) to operate machinery and processes without human intervention, aiming to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety across industries, from simple tasks to complex, integrated systems.

HMI enables visual and interactive monitoring and control of automation systems, enhancing communication between humans and machines for easier process oversight, decision-making, and command input.

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Artificial Intelligence

Computers power AI, handling data, training models, and enabling applications in recognition, NLP, robotics, and beyond. They support simulations, modeling, and optimization across domains, reshaping industries. From the cloud to edge devices, computers drive AI's transformative potential.

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Edge Computing

Edge computing processes data closer to its source, not just in centralized data centers or the cloud. It's done on devices like IoT sensors, reducing latency, enhancing real-time capabilities, privacy, and security, and lowering bandwidth use. Ideal for applications like autonomous vehicles and industrial automation.

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Partnered Solutions

See the companies we work together to integrate hardware, software, and services into comprehensive solutions for specific customer needs. These partnerships aim to provide seamless and tailored offerings, expand market reach, enhance customer support, and foster innovation. For example, this can involve hardware manufacturers teaming up with software developers to create fully integrated systems or system integrators and software providers collaborating to offer industry-specific solutions. Such partnerships yield competitive advantages and innovative solutions in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Filter through our Partnered Solutions below.

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Digital Signage / OOHD

Digital Signage (DS) is the technology of displaying multimedia content on screens in public places, from retail stores to stadiums. It's a versatile tool for advertising, information sharing, and engaging audiences in various settings, both commercial and non-commercial, using screens of all sizes, from elevator screens to mall video walls.

OOH Digital Signage, or OOHD, encompasses digital displays in outdoor/public spaces, targeting a wider audience primarily for advertising. It includes LED billboards, bus stop displays, kiosks, and other outdoor screens, using digital tech for eye-catching content delivery to passersby and commuters.

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Kiosks are self-service machines placed in public spaces, serving various purposes. They include information kiosks for location details, retail kiosks for purchasing products, ticketing kiosks for event bookings, and check-in kiosks for travel and hotel check-ins. Additionally, payment kiosks facilitate bill payments, healthcare kiosks offer medical services, interactive wayfinding kiosks aid navigation, and survey kiosks collect feedback. They can also print photos, take restaurant orders, and provide convenience across numerous industries by offering users quick access to information and services while reducing wait times.

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Our industry-specific product guides will help you navigate our hardware and determine its optimal application within your industry.

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