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Introducing the SM30N Digital Signage Media Player, a versatile solution for various deployment sizes. Pre-loaded with the Mvix CMS, it offers effortless plug-and-play functionality. With options for both wired and wireless connectivity, including offline playback, it ensures uninterrupted performance. Supporting image and 4K video playback, it delivers stunning visuals, all in a compact design perfect for discreet placement behind displays.

SM30N Digital Signage Media Player

  • Fanless Design

  • Preloaded with Mvix Signage Software

  • 4K Playback

  • 3 Year Warranty

Key Features

• Scalability for both small and large deployments
• Pre-loaded with the Mvix CMS for plug-and-play
• Both wired and wireless options

Deep dive

Offline playback so no interruptions during internet outages •
Small-form hardware for placement behind your displays •
Image & 4K Video Playback •

Flex Core Package

• Upload and display images, PDFs, videos, or other files
• Unlimited users, cloud storage, and CMS bandwidth
• 1,500+ free templates
• Remote management with live previews

Ideal for

Digital Signage




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