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Who we are.

Established in 1988, Shuttle Computer Group, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Shuttle Inc. based in Taiwan. As a leading computer manufacturer, we provide products and solutions for commercial and home applications.

Our mission.

Shuttle’s global presence in North & South America, Europe, Taiwan, China, and Japan allows us to offer reliable after-sales service and prompt technical support. We work to design, analyze, and produce industry-leading, innovative, and customizable computing solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Research & development.


Strict QA/QC procedures are followed in all of our manufacturing processes and uses the latest in surface mount technology (SMT) equipment.

Environmental protection.

Assembled in the U.S

Our products are lead-free and compliant with all applicable RoHS laws and regulations.

All of our complete systems and turnkey specialty solutions are assembled in the US.

Using high-end CAD tools and extensive knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technologies, our engineering team provides superior products.


Learn more about us.


Looking for a career in the tech industry? See what positions are available here at shuttle computers.

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Celebrating 40 years of success and growth. See a visual of our milestones

Floating Displays

Case Studies

Shuttle has provided solutions to various challenges companies face in their daily operation or usage for other applications. Read more to find out why our computers are the perfect solution in retail locations, airports, universities, and everywhere else digital displays are in use.

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Contact Us

Shuttle Computer Group Inc.

17068 Evergreen Place.

City of Industry CA 91766


Phone: 626-820-9000
Sales Hotline: 888-972-1818
Fax: 626-820-5060




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