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K15RK01 turnkey kiosk is a countertop kiosk suited for delivering extensive self-service capabilities for desktop, counter, or wall mount deployments. Designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind, the K15RK01 integrates a 15.6” multi-touch screen and features a compact, durable, and sleek enclosure. Thanks to its modular design, the K15RK01 can house a variety of peripherals like a printer, barcode scanner, card reader, and even payment devices for guest check-in, queue management, welcome, promotions, and information services when space is limited.

  • Processor: Android 8.1 Rockchip RK3368 Octa Core 1.5GHz (ARM Cortex-A53) 

  • Memory: DDR3L 2GB

  • Storage: 16GB eMMC

  • Chassis: Rugged chassis made of metal, 14.6"(L) × 12.2"(W) × 19.7"(H)

K15RK01 Turnkey Kiosk

Integrated thermal Printer

The "Integrated Thermal Printer" feature combines a printer directly into a device or system, allowing for convenient and efficient printing of receipts, labels, or other documents without the need for an external printer, streamlining workflows and saving space.

Integrated 1D / 2D Scanner

The "Integrated 1D/2D Scanner" feature combines the capability to scan both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes into a single device, providing versatile and efficient barcode scanning functionality for various applications.


The Android operating system, developed by Google, is a versatile and widely-used platform for mobile devices, offering a user-friendly interface, extensive app ecosystem, and seamless integration with Google services, empowering users with a rich and customizable mobile experience.

  1. 15" Display

  2. Web Cam

  3. Speaker

  4. 3" Thermal Printer

  5. Barcode Scanner

  6. NFC/RFID Reader

  7. IC Card Reader

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